Live #11, Toronto, Canada

27 Nov

#32_toronto27/11/2014 One highlight is following the other here in Guatemala and after spending some time in Semuc Champey, I have now arrived at Lake Atitlan. I will stay here for 4 days and then move on to Quetzaltenango, possibly even staying for a week or more to take a spanish course…

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Toronto has been a pleasant suprise during my last days in Canada. I did not expect a lot from the city before but have to say that the skyline is certainly great to look at and the Niagara Falls were nice as well. We were lucky with the weather in the end too, after a lot of rain upon my arrival. I stayed with Couchsurfer Brenda, who is actually dutch and decided to live in Toronto for a while.

Some of the things on my ToDo list included the City Hall, CN Tower and the Islands, all of which I was able to see on my last day while it slowly began to clear up. Standing in front of the City Hall, I was wondering how to get a good view from the top and it did not take long to get it. The Shelton hotel just opposite of it features a Club Lounge in their top floor and it just took one little smile to get entrance for some pictures thanks to the nice lady up there. The views were amazing!

Afterwards I was headed to the pier to catch the 5:30PM boat to see the skyline during sunset. On the way, I stopped at the CN Tower and embraced the first bits of blue sky after all the rain in the last days. The islands were nice too and the views on the Skyline alone make the trip worth while.

Both Friday and Saturday evening were filled out with Halloween Parties. I usually never celebrate it, but being in Canada it was a different story. Thanks to the roommate of Brenda, I even got a cool outfit including a army jacket and authentic Canadian Gas mask. It even matched my grey merino wool shirt very well🙂 I met a lot of great people at the parties and had a superb time, even encountering the first snow of the season during the way home after the first party.

On the next day we hired a car and drove down to the Niagara Falls, joined by another German couchsurfer. The weather could not have been any better, even featuring a double rainbow! Niagara-on-the-lake, however, disappointed. I was expecting a bit more from that place! The next morning, we drove to the east of the town to see sun rise at Scarborough Falls. It was certainly worth it but getting back to the airport in time was quiet an adventure. The main highway was just packed and cars did not move at all, forcing me to drive on alternative routes through the complete city. In the end, I just barely made it to the airport, catching my flight to Cancun while Brenda enjoyed the car for a few more hours.

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